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The International Middle School offers a Bilingual French American curriculum following the framework of the International Baccalaureate Middle Year Program.
The IMS aims at providing all students with a rigorous and well-balanced curriculum fostering academic excellence, critical thinking, lifelong learning and global citizenship.
The following subject groups will be taught :

French Language and literature
5 hours / week

English Language Arts
5 hours / week

4 hours / week
(2 hours in English / 2 hours in French)

Science and Technology
3 hours / week
(in English)

Chinese / Spanish
3 hours / week

6 hours / week
(4 in French and 2 in Englsih)

Visual Arts,
Performing Arts, Music
3 hours / week
(in French)
Physical Education
3 hours / week (in French)
World Awareness Trip
to China, Spain, or a French Speaking Country
(8th Grade only)


In order to provide students with the opportunity to experience an integrative curriculum that connects school subjects with the outside world, the MYP is based upon five overarching themes.
These themes are called Areas of Interaction and are used to connect all eight subjects. They provide a framework for learning within and across the subject groups. They allow connections among and between subjects and real-life issues.

Approaches to Learning: Fostering study skills and the learning process (helping students learn how to learn).
Community and Service: Working on projects related to improving the community.
Health and Social Education: Developing a sense of responsibility for our own physical, mental, and social well-being.
Environment: Focusing on the interdependence of humanity and the world we live in.
Homo Faber: Exploring the processes, products, and impacts of human innovation.


The program is divided into two pedagogical cycles :

Cycle of adaptation: 6 th grade is designed to facilitate the student’s entry into middle school. It is a transition year where the acquired skills from primary school will be reinforced and where new skills, new subjects will gradually be introduced into the core curriculum along with specific teaching methods.

Central cycle : 7 th and 8 th grade are part of this central cycle. Its main objective is to deepen the student’s skills and abilities in every subject offered. The core curriculum is voluntarily broad so as to impact all aspects of the student’s future education.

Although not affiliated with IBO at this time PFS intends to apply for authorization by Spring of 2008. Additional information on the International Baccalaureate program is available at

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