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The purpose of the Council is to create a forum for discussion of school issues among the different school constituencies (Parents, faculty, staff, Board). In this way, the Head of School will have a sense of school community opinion when making final decisions affecting the school. Ultimate decision-making authority rests solely with the Head of School.

Composition :

The School Council is made up of the following 23 members:

        Head of school,
        A Board member,
        Three representatives of the administration,
        Two representatives of the assistants,
        6 elected parents,
        The President of the Parent Teacher Association,
        The 5 coordinators,
        3 representatives of the teachers (one for each cycle),
        The librarian / special needs teacher,

Meetings :
The Council meets at least once every term and no later than 15 days after the election of the parents' representatives.

Attributions :
        votes for the internal regulation of the school,
        organizes the School's yearly calendar, discusses arrival and departure times of the PS, MS, GS and elementary classes,
        gives advice and offers suggestions concerning the functioning of the School and all matters regarding the School's life, including: educational measures taken in accordance with the French public education system, utilization of school's funds, after-school activities, school lunch time, hygiene, and child protection and security during and after school hours,
        decides on the School's Project proposed by the Teachers' Council,
        gives its opinion about extracurricular activities (athletic, cultural, and educational activities).


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