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Congratulations to our two 5th-grade robotics teams--The Hobo Monkeys and The Rubber Duckies--for their successes at last weekend's First LEGO League Qualifying Tournaments. The Hobo Monkeys won the "Rookie Team" award, and the Rubber Duckies were 1st runners-up to the "Champions" award; the Duckies will advance to the State Championship in January.

The tournaments are rigorous, eight-hour events during which team robots autonomously perform tasks on a field.
This year's theme was "The Power Puzzle;" robots manipulated oil barrels, set up solar panels and launched wave turbines, among other tasks. As part of the research component of the competition, students audited energy usage at PFS. They presented M. Elimane with a report detailing energy inefficiencies, and suggested solutions.

Thank you to: our dedicated coaches: Lisa Caballero, Brian Kelly, Matthias Guichard, Sylvie Mazaka and Sharon Morgan; to Betzy Fry and Jim McCauley for munchies and carpentry; to our patient 5th-grade parents; to M. Elimane, for recognizing the educational value of robotics; and, finally, to the kids, for the afternoons, weekends and vacation days they offered to the project


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